Posted on March 30, 2020

10 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed for Your Kitchen


When it comes to outfitting your kitchen with appliances, tools and gadgets, most people have a good handle on the basics. But there are tons of products that can take your kitchen and cooking from good to great. Here are 10 things you didn’t know you needed.


1. Instant Read Thermometer

Save yourself the guesswork—and potential bouts of food poisoning—when cooking meats and get yourself an instant read thermometer. Keep it simple and skip the battery-operated digital models in favour of an inexpensive and trusty analog version with a dial face.


2. Knife Sharpener

A dull knife is a dangerous knife, but a simple knife sharpener makes it easy to keep your blades razor-sharp. These handy tools are easy to use and generally small and compact for simple storage.

3. Jar Grip

We all come across one every so often—that jar with the lid that just won’t budge. You smack the bottom of the jar, you tap a knife along the rim of the lid, you might even run it under hot water, and then you try again, putting all your strength into it. Save yourself the aggravation and get a jar grip—they make quick (and easy!) work of opening any jar.


4. Oil Mister

When you want a light, even coating of oil in a pot, pan or baking dish, nothing beats an oil mister. If you tend to use a few different oils for cooking, we recommend getting a mister for each one—that way, you have just what you need at hand.


5. Kitchen Scale

Bakers know it’s all too easy to measure imprecise dry ingredients by the cup, plus some cookbooks (especially those from the U.K.) feature weight measurements—so a small kitchen scale is a great tool to have in your kitchen. If you’re short on counter space or simply want to keep your kitchen uncluttered, look for a foldable version that can easily be tucked away in a drawer when not in use.


6. Silicone Storage Lid

Reduce waste with reusable silicone storage lids—a sustainable alternative to plastic and foil wrap. These handy devices form a seal on bowls with a smooth rim, keeping foods fresh without the need to transfer to a bowl or container with a lid.


7. Lid and Cookware Organizers

Maximize your cupboard space by nesting pots and using lid and cookware organizers to store the lids file-style. Not only does this free up room for other kitchen essentials, it keeps everything neat and tidy—so you can find the right size lid at a glance.

8. Expandable Drawer Dividers

For the ultimate in flexible organization, expandable drawer dividers make it easy to section areas of your kitchen drawers, so you can store tools and gadgets of all shapes and sizes.


9. Tiered Oven Rack

Forget making a schedule for baking mains, sides and desserts on holidays. A tiered oven rack (like this one on Amazon) lets you stack side dishes on one half of the oven while the main event roasts beside.


10. Mandoline

Make quick work of slicing veggies and fruit with a mandoline. While you can find simple versions that are essentially a hand-held slicer with a guard to protect your hands from the super-sharp blade, adjustable options with blades for wavy cuts and julienning offer added value—and can really make food prep a breeze.


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