Posted on March 31, 2021

10 Uses for Your Spare Room

390 On the River is designed for comfortable, luxurious condo living, and that’s why almost every floor plan has two or three bedrooms. If you’re looking at a suite that will give you a spare room, you could make it a guest bedroom — but why not use the room for something that will bring you joy every day? From an incredible closet to a games room and more, here are 10 great options to make the most of a spare bedroom.


1. The Ultimate Closet

A walk-in closet is great, but if you have a huge collection of clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories, then turning a spare room into a space for your treasured collection is a great idea. Line the walls with wardrobes, shelving and drawers, hang a large full-length mirror, create a dedicated spot for hair and makeup, including plenty of storage, and consider adding strip lighting in drawers and wardrobes so you can see everything.


2. Home Office

With so many of us working from home right now, and some companies talking about making work from home permanent, a dedicated home office is a smart use of a spare room. At minimum, you’ll need a generous desk, ergonomic chair, a computer or laptop and a desk lamp, and you may also need a printer. If you have a laptop, it’s a good idea to get a laptop stand (so it’s elevated to avoid neck strain) and a wireless keyboard and mouse, and you might also want a second monitor. And paint the walls in a colour that energizes you to help keep you motivated.



3. Library

Your inner bibliophile will adore having a dedicated space that’s bursting with books. Line the walls with bookshelves and make sure there’s cozy seating, good lighting and a side table for a cup of tea and a light snack. And if you want that traditional library feel, an antique (or antique-looking) wood desk and some traditional art will give it that stately feel.


4. Creative Studio

Whether you love painting, sewing, knitting, leatherwork, needlepoint or some other art or craft, your creative endeavours deserve plenty of space in your home — so why not turn your spare room into a studio devoted to your craft? You’ll know what you need best, but make sure you have a place to create, dedicated spots for any equipment, and plenty of storage for supplies. And, if you can, give yourself a comfy spot to dream up your next creation.


5.  Pet Palace

If you’re a proud pet parent, you might consider turning your spare room into a haven for your pups, cats, rabbits or other pets. You can outfit the room with cozy spots for your dogs or cats (or both) to enjoy long, lazy naps. Keep felines happy with spots to hide, beds that can be moved to chase the sun as it shifts throughout the year, and lots of ways to climb. Bunnies, meanwhile, will love the space to free roam, while hamsters, guinea pigs and ferrets will adore the larger cages you can set up in a dedicated room. And if your pets are of the reptile or arachnid variety, they’ll also benefit from space for larger terrariums.


Finely decorated children's room.


6. Kids Playroom

Whether you have kids or grandkids, giving them a space that’s all their own to play and have fun helps keep toys from taking over your whole home. Outfit the space to suit your kids’ interests. If they’re really into art, set up an easel or art table and have storage for craft and art supplies. Lego lovers will appreciate an open space to build, lots of bins to store pieces and sets, and some shelves to show off special creations. And if the kids are into dolls or cars, they’ll have plenty of space for mansions and racetracks. Don’t forget to include a cozy spot for reading, taking a break, or just daydreaming.


7. Music Studio

If you’re a musician, a dedicated space to compose and practise is a wonderful use of an extra room. You’ll know best what your needs are, but at minimum you’ll want a set-up for comfortable playing and storage or display for your instruments. You may also want some recording equipment to help with composing, and a good sound system for listening to your own music or that of others.



8. Gaming Room

Get the games out of your living space and give them the room they deserve. Whether you’re a gamer, serious about poker or other card games, or into vintage arcade games, you can create an amazing games room in a spare bedroom. Whatever your game of choice is, be sure to have comfortable, ergonomic seating for those marathon sessions, and consider stocking the room with favourite snacks and a mini fridge with cold drinks and a pitcher of water.


9. Fitness or Yoga and Meditation Studio

390 On the River has a great fitness studio available to all residents, but if you want a space that’s all your own or you prefer yoga and meditation, a spare room makes a great wellness studio. When creating a home gym, you’ll want to make sure all equipment is properly anchored in floors and walls, and it’s a good idea to lay rubber floor tiles to absorb sounds. For a yoga and meditation studio, you’ll need the standard equipment: a yoga mat, yoga blocks, yoga belt, blankets, pillows and bolsters and a meditation cushion. It’s a good idea to paint the walls a calming colour and you can add a low credenza, cubby shelving or a media unit for storage and a spot to set up a laptop or tablet for online classes. And for a multi-sensory experience, finish the space with your favourite candles and an essential oil diffuser.


10. Theatre Room

If you miss the theatre experience but love the convenience of streaming movies at home, why not not turn your spare room into an amazing home theatre? A great sound system is a must for a theatre-like experience, and it’s more affordable than ever. Whether you opt for a projector and white-painted wall or a huge 4K TV is up to you, but either way, you’ll have an incredible viewing experience. Add cozy seating and tables or trays for snacks, and if you really want to go all out, stock a mini fridge with cold drinks and a shelf with sweet and salty treats, so you’ll never have to pause when you get a craving.


A spare room gives you all sorts of opportunities to indulge your passions and give your family the space it needs for everyday living and working — and that’s why we’ve focused on multi-bedroom suites at 390 On the River.


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