Posted on July 4, 2019

3 Signs You Might be Ready to Downsize Your Home This Summer

It’s something you probably think about every Sunday when you’re packing up from the lake: “Why am I going back to the city?”

The rhetorical answer, if you have a house, is that due to security concerns, lawn maintenance and a pile of chores, you likely can’t afford to leave your house unattended for any great length of time.

If you find yourself being pulled toward permanence in your summer home – or just pulled to that proverbial feeling of “extending your Sundays,” you may want to consider downsizing to a convenient, lock-and-leave condo lifestyle.

At 390 On the River Condominiums, our secure systems and the easy upkeep of the modern suites make it simple to extend your vacation time, and spend weeks away from home guilt-free.

390 is equipped with closed-circuit TV surveillance monitoring and secure key fob access at the main entrances, exits, parkade and amenity spaces.

Think a lock-and-leave lifestyle might be for you? Here are a few indications that you might be ready to consider lightening up your workload at home.

1. You come home “for the important things.”

Your threshold for returning to the city from your summer home is now milestone events. Things you can’t miss like a niece’s wedding shower or graduation ceremony are the only things that bring you back in town.

Of course, in order to accommodate this, you’re paying someone regularly to cut your lawn, tend to your garden, and either housesit or drop in often enough to make the house appear “lived-in” and not a target for break-ins.

If your life has started to reflect a different seasonal home base, it could be time to consider something more maintenance-free, that gives you a great, convenient place to stay when you’re in the city, but that doesn’t tie you down when you want to be away.

Without a yard to tend to – and oversized terraces with treetop and river views as your substitute – you don’t have weekly lawncare or landscaping gripes to worry about.

The common sixth-floor patio gives you all the backyard you need, without the maintenance.

Simply get your fresh air fix at home by sitting out on your balcony or the 2,000-plus-square-foot common terrace, or wandering the path that leads to your exclusive river access and surrounding parks.

2. You don’t have any groceries at home.

You’re home so little in the summer that even your primary fridge isn’t at home. You’re committed to the vacation lifestyle, and that means takeout when you’re in the city, because you’re never back for long.

Skip the dishes, much? Photo by Joel Boily – Black and Gold Photography

3. You minimize your vacations for fear of break-ins.

Do you schedule intermittent check-ins on your home, just to make sure nothing’s gone astray?

At 390 On the River Condominiums, there is closed-circuit surveillance monitoring at the main entrances and exits, and within the parkade and amenity spaces.

Enter-phone security systems ensure no unwanted guests are granted access – and only those with key fobs can access the parkade, entrance doors and most amenity spaces.

Modern high-rise condo buildings like ours are equipped with heavy-duty fire sprinkler systems, which are automated throughout the building and in every suite in case of an emergency.

Sprinkler systems are integrated throughout each suite and all common spaces to ensure the safety of the building.

In addition, suites are equipped with an emergency voice system and smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors.

With these state-of-the-art systems protecting you, our condo residents benefit from the reassurance of the safety and security of their home – when they’re home and when they’re away.

For more on 390 On the River’s safe and secure amenities, see the building’s specifications. Answered “yes” to most of these? Call our agents today to book a private tour of the building, or visit us during an Open House Wednesdays from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. or Sundays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. (except long weekends).