Posted on May 6, 2019

390’s Guide to Downsizing

There are so many advantages to moving into a new space – especially an upscale, contemporary urban condo. When you make a move, you get to decide which belongings stay with you, and how to reinvent your everyday surroundings.

If you’re moving from a house to a condo, there may be some serious decluttering to do. It can be a tad overwhelming at first, but at the end of it all, you’ll feel lighter – and in love with your new space.

To make this transition smoother, 390 On the River has teamed up with Kesay to offer a free design consultation with your purchase of a condo.

Here, you’ll discuss your preferred aesthetic (including any inspiration imagery you’ve gathered), any existing furniture you’re hoping to work into your new home, and your goals, priorities and needs for your new condo.

Kesay specializes in guiding customers through the room design process to make sure you end up with the home you envisioned, and they’re familiar with 390’s space (just check out our three furnished display suites for proof!).

Just like with the design consultation, Kesay is willing to share some tips for free. Read on for three ways to downsize to a condo while maximizing your living space (even finding novel solutions for storage so you’ll never miss your garage!).

  1. Edit your belongings

During a move, it’s a good idea to look at the task of packing with an editors’ instinct. Here’s your opportunity to only pack and organize the belongings you use, as opposed to cluttering your new space with the things you’re just storing. (Need some inspiration to help you declutter? Check out the latest binge-worthy series on this topic, Netflix’s Tidying up with Marie Kondo.)

Don’t forget: some of the seasonal items you’re storing can likely go into the storage locker included with your home at 390.

For cleaning products and other home necessities, you should be able to fit what you need in the condo’s ample kitchen storage and linen closets. Part of moving from a house to a condo may include limiting your responsibilities to free up your time to travel – and along with the house goes a lot of the upkeep, and the equipment needed to do it (think snow blowers!).

  1. Bring the things you love to the forefront

Now that you have a smaller space to work with, anything you keep is going to be more focal, or on display.

Hold on to the pieces that you can proudly display on open shelving, or the nostalgic items you’ve held on to from past generations.

For instance, maybe it’s time to leave your bulky sectional behind, but hold on to the storage chest you love and make it your coffee table conversation-starter.

Modern condos don’t often marry with older, more traditional furniture, but mixing in things like a cherished wooden coffee table and displaying souvenirs from your travels adds personality and charm – and these are often the things that mean the most to you, anyway.

  1. Scale your furniture to suit the space

One of the most important things to think about when choosing furniture, other than the style and the number of people you’re hoping to seat, is the scale of your furniture.

Sometimes, you will want to pick lighter or smaller furniture so as not to overwhelm the space.

Think about preserving walking room to prioritize the everyday functionality of your space over the once-annual hosting of your entire family.

To make the most of each piece, think about multi-functional pieces like end tables with storage drawers, extendable dining tables, storage ottomans – and even consider a bed with a built-in dresser.

Use your wall space to neatly display books and other items that share your interests while making clever use of space off of the floor.

Don’t forget – 390 has a huge entertaining area you can book when you’re on hosting duty, as well as a large outdoor terrace overlooking the river for those summer evenings.

There’s plenty of space to host intimate dinners and Jets viewing parties in your home, too. Just think about pairing a few chairs with a loveseat rather than a heavy, room-consuming sectional.

Still feeling stuck? Consider taking Kesay up on the offer for a free consultation! They’ll work with you to build a furniture road map and talk through this transition so you’ll feel optimistic about the move to 390, rather than dreading the packing.