Posted on December 20, 2019

8 Tips for Hosting at 390 On the River During the Holidays


The holidays are for spending time with family and friends, and there’s nothing quite like welcoming those you love into your home. Whether you’re having one big dinner party or inviting guests to stay over for a few days, there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you make hosting as easy as can be in a condo at 390.


  1. Take the time to declutter

December is a great time to spruce up your space: decluttering helps make your space feel bigger, plus you’ll be starting the New Year off with a clean(er) slate. If you’re not ready to commit to selling a piece of furniture, donating clothes or giving away kitchen gear, pack them up and put them in your storage locker. If they’re still there in six months, you can probably let them go—but in the meantime, you’ve made your space feel lighter and airier.


  1. Get creative with space-saving décor

Space is at a premium when you have guests coming for the holidays, and one way to maximize it is to opt for a tree alternative, like a wall decal or a wall hanging. DIYers can make a beautiful fragrant wall hanging by gathering swags of fresh greenery in a bunch at one end, hanging it on the wall, and then draping each swag outward to form a Christmas tree shape. (Tip: To protect your walls, use Clear Command hooks and twist ties to secure each piece in place.)


If it’s just not the holidays without a proper tree, there are a few space-saving options. A slim artificial tree can usually tuck into a corner, or you could go for a smaller tabletop tree—real or artificial. And if you’re short on table and floor space (or you have a tree-toppling cat), consider setting up an outdoor artificial tree on your balcony—this offers all the festive feelings of a tree without taking up an inch of space in your home. (Remember, floors 18-22 already have the built-in ambience of an electric fireplace.)

Guest suite holiday hosting tips

  1. Book a guest suite for overnight visitors

Having overnight guests in a smaller condo is often a literal pain in the neck for whoever gets stuck with sleeping on a not-so-comfy pull-out bed or air mattress. The good news is the solution is right at your doorstep: book 390’s guest suite. Not only will you and your guests get a more comfortable sleep, everyone gets a bit more privacy with space to themselves at the end the night.


  1. Throw a party in the entertainment room

One of the great things about condo living is that even if you have a smaller unit, you can host a bustling cocktail party or a big dinner for lots of friends and family in the entertainment room. 390’s entertainment room offers space for food prep and storage, dining and lounging, and aside from host duties that day, you don’t have to worry about getting your home guest-ready (although you’ll probably want to make sure it’s tidy in case anyone asks for a tour).

Holiday Hosting Tips Entertainment Room

  1. Skip the sit-down dinner

If you’re hosting a holiday dinner in your suite, but don’t have the space for a long dining table, a buffet with finger foods is a great option. Serve up platters of food on the kitchen island, and if you’re opting for disposable plates and cutlery, choose sturdy recyclable or biodegradable options. As long as there’s plenty of food, a seat or nook for everyone, and great conversation, that’s really all that matters.


  1. Make it a potluck

Preparing a big holiday dinner is a huge task—in addition to the tricky logistics of cooking a lot of food in a small space, it’s also downright exhausting. So make it easier on yourself by hosting a potluck brunch or dinner. Logistically, it’s usually easiest if the host makes the main dish, and guests bring an appetizer, side dish or dessert (make sure people sign up with their dish so there are no duplicates!). As the saying goes, many hands make light work.


  1. Stock up on essentials

Make guests feel like they’re at home by having all the essentials ready and waiting for them—that way no one has to ask if you have an extra toothbrush. Put together a simple kit filled with toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, slippers or cozy socks, a selection of books, a few snacks, water glasses, and a card featuring your Wi-Fi password.

Holiday Hosting Tips 390 Candles

  1. Play it safe with candles

Candlelight adds a glow to the atmosphere and warmth to any holiday celebration, but it’s a risk when you have a lot of people moving about a space. Flameless candles placed in a bunch or running along a tabletop, island or hallway, add plenty of warmth without the worries.


As you head into the holiday season, take the time to cozy up your space and prep for guests—but remember that it’s you and your company that truly makes your home a warm and welcoming place. Happy holidays!