Posted on October 28, 2021

An Oasis at Home On the River

Your bedroom is, first and foremost, a space for sleep, so it should be a calming oasis from your busy days. Moving into a new place is a great time to rethink your bedroom entirely — from your bed and wall colour to the little touches that soothe the mind and body. Here are six ways to bring calm into your bedroom.


  1. Start with a Calming Colour Palette

One of the simplest ways to make your bedroom a serene space is by choosing a calming colour palette. Whites, soft earth tones like muted terra cotta or sand, and pale shades like sky blue, marigold yellow or a rosy pink will set a light, airy tone for your bedroom. If you prefer deeper colours, opt for rich neutral hues, such as shades of tan, cognac and warm grey. Whichever way you go, be sure to keep your palette limited, opting for shades of just a few colours for a cohesive look that brings the room together.



  1. Make Your Bed the Focal Point

Bedrooms are all about the bed, so choose one that suits your style and the scale of the room, and then build the rest of your space around it. Whether you lean toward mid-century modern, traditional, hotel chic or anything in between, look for a bed with clean lines, and steer clear of anything too ornate. Pay close attention to finish, too; a large headboard won’t overpower your space if the colour blends in well with the walls.

As for scale, many of the suites at 390 On the River offer generous master bedrooms, so you have a lot more options than you might in another condo. A tall, tufted wingback headboard or a woven seagrass headboard and frame will be well-proportioned to these larger spaces — and even more so in the suites on the 18th floor and above, which have nine-foot ceilings.


  1. Keep it Simple with Matching Bedside Tables

A pair of matching bedside tables is an easy way to bring a sense of order and calm to your bedroom. To maintain the sense of calm, choose a bedside table that compliments the style of your bed. For example, if you have a wood-framed mid-century modern bed, choose a similarly modern bedside table. Or, if you have a velvet headboard, a mirrored nightstand will complement the luxe style well. Lastly, choose a bedside table with plenty of storage so you can keep the surface as clutter-free as possible.



  1. Choose Luxe Linens and Textiles

Bed linens, throw blankets, pillows and window treatments are a big part of the atmosphere in a bedroom, so taking the time to choose the right textiles is important. Skip busy patterns and instead focus on luxurious textures — and always stick to your chosen colour palette. Think of it like this: A bed packed with pillows in the same neutral shades as the bedding will be far more relaxing, inviting and put-together than a bed loaded with pillows in a riot of colours.

The great thing about linens and pillows is you can easily swap a lot of them out as the seasons change. In winter months, layer your bed and sitting areas with cozy, soft blankets, and plush pillows to add warmth. In the spring, swap those out for light throws, and linen or cotton pillows for a cooler vibe.


  1. Create a Reading Nook

Whether you’re living with a partner, or you’ve got a growing family, a quiet spot to read in your bedroom is a little luxury well worth considering — and the spacious master bedroom suites at 390 On the River provides the space for it. A comfy chair, side table and lighting are all you need to create a reading nook, but a bookshelf is a great addition if your furniture arrangement allows for it. Choose pieces that blend well with your other furniture and colour palette to maintain that sense of calm and peacefulness throughout your space.

Decluttered Nightstand

  1. Pay Attention to Little Details

Once you’ve mastered the big details, like colours, furniture and textiles, focus on the little details that create calm and encourage sleep. Make sure all lighting gives off warm-toned light, which is better right before you go to sleep. If the scent of lavender helps you nod off, place a diffuser or candle in the room. Make space for a plant (or a few) by the window to compliment the natural light with a hint of nature. And don’t forget you can always add trays, baskets, and drawers to corral clutter.


If you’d like a tour of 390 On the River so that you can start planning your bedroom paradise, contact our agents today.