Dog-Friendly Downtown Winnipeg

Do you feel like your Good Boy or Girl would be lost without a yard? Forget the fence, you might be surprised how dog-friendly downtown condo living is. Here are some of the many things 390 On the River and the surrounding neighbourhood have to offer canines and their humans.

A Huge Dog Park Nearby and Riverwalk Access

The 1,200-square-metre, fully fenced dog park at Bonnycastle Park is just a five-minute walk from 390 On the River, and it’s open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m every day. With its artificial turf made specifically for dog parks, your pup will have lots of space for zoomies and playtime with their neighbourhood BFFs. Meanwhile, if your dog lives for long walks, the private access to Winnipeg’s Riverwalk and winter trails are a great feature of life at 390 On the River.

Lots of Local Pet Services and Shops

With three veterinary hospitals within a short drive of 390 On the River, you’ll always be able to access great care for your pet. You’ll also find plenty of pet stores, as well as local businesses offering services such as grooming, daycare and training (check out Woofs ’n Wags, The Pawsh Dog and The Dog Loft).

Generous Outdoor Space for Lounging

There’s no denying dogs love to be outside, feeling the breeze in their fur and hanging out with their humans. When you want to enjoy some time outside without leaving your home, 390 On the River’s large balconies offer plenty of outdoor space for people and pups to kick back, side by side.

A Fur-Friendly Home

Anyone who has a retriever, spaniel, sheep dog, husky or other fluffy furball knows that it’s a real chore to stay on top of household cleaning during shedding season. Daily vacuuming takes extra work when you have wall-to-wall carpeting or a multi-level home — so the single-level living and hardwood flooring in 390 On the River suites makes quick work of cleaning up those tumbleweed tufts of fur.

Easy Living for Older Dogs

One of the real advantages of condo living is older dogs have a much easier time getting around. With all rooms on one level, your fur-baby won’t have to deal with climbing up steps to be able to hang out with you or settle in for the night. And when someone opens a cupboard at 1 a.m., they’ll always be able to make a beeline for the kitchen.

Interested in checking out the dog-friendly features at 390 On the River? Contact our agents today to book a private tour.